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Swish Away Your Cavities And Rebuild Your Damaged Teeth

Why must we brush and floss everyday?

For complete dental care, we must brush our teeth and floss them properly. This prevents bacteria build up, and reduces the incidence of plaque formation. Demineralization thus reduces to minimum while the minerals in ones toothpaste helps remineralization. This helps strengthen teeth.

What is procedure for brushing and flossing?


For brushing, use a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Hold brush inclined at around 40- 45 with teeth.

Use gentle circular movement to clean small portions of the teeth.

Do not use swift motion as this will result in ineffective cleaning as well as possibly hurt the mouth.


One can do this with floss about 18-20 cm length. Wrap some around the two fingers of one hand and pass the floss through the teeth. After that hold the other end tight and pull. One can use sideways motion if there is large gap or use to-and-fro motion is the gap is small. Press the floss against side of teeth and rub up and down until you are sure that it is clean.

Will there be any difference if one uses mouthwashes?

Mouthwashes or rinses are effective only when one has cleaned the mouth through brushing. Mouthwashes contain a refreshing agent and minerals. Minerals help remineralization that strengthens teeth.

What are the desirable qualities of toothpastes and toothbrushes?


These should be small enough for your mouth and easy to maneuver around in the mouth. It should have pointed head to facilitate reach of corners of mouth. The bristles should be soft and the head should be big enough to make brushing easy.


These should contain fluoride, as these are essential for building minerals that help strengthen enamel. They should have a crystal that helps shining action. It should also contain minerals.

What are things to avoid while doing oil pulling?

a) Do not swallow oil

b) Do not gargle vigorously

c) Do not hurry the process

d) Do not forget to brush

Once you swish oil around in the mouth, it contains lot of dirt and bacteria. It is thus toxic. So, one should not swallow it. Similarly, one must not let children do oil pulling. They will swallow the oil.

One must avoid gargling, as this will let the oil enter the throat. At the same time, one must be slow when one is moving the oil around. It must reach every corner of the mouth. Only then, one can remove all bacteria.

Once you have done oil swishing, for best results of oil swishing one has to clean and brush the mouth.

Does oil swishing affect the entire body?

Health improvements as per an unconfirmed report reported improvement in diverse areas of health. Digestive system, skin elimination and joints showed good improvement. So also, for those with pain in various parts of the body, and those with respiratory system, heart and circulation problems, there was significant improvement.

Where do they mention the benefits of oil pulling in Ayurveda?

In Caraka Samhita, writings pertaining to Ayurveda and health, one finds mention of benefits of prosthodontist Elizabeth oil pulling include those of maximizing relish and taste, strength of voice and jaw, freedom from dryness of mouth and throat, and firmness of gums among other things. One can also chew the hardest food.

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